25/25 December Promo is your golden ticket

Exciting news! Our “25/25 December Promo” is your golden ticket to an extraordinary Private Membership Community experience and benefits.

For just a $25 MEMBERSHIP fee and a $25 DONATION to our foundation, you can be part of a parallel economy that champions your rights and freedoms.

Here are a few of our member’s favorite parts of our community…

  • Find others they relate to both online and offline through the exclusive “members only” social media, commerce app, and HAM Radio Club.

  • Access to directories of businesses aligned with their values, and who also accept alternative currencies.

  • Feel support and safety when openly sharing ideas and values.

  • Amazing resources from other community members on various topics and subjects that help each of us become more self-reliant.
  • Creative ideas and ways to safeguard your ability to purchase and produce clean, healthy food through alternative methods, such as food share, herd share, and crop share.
  • A legal team skilled in protecting your liberties and values in areas essential for taking care of our families and businesses, including food production, purchasing goods and services, medical freedom, parental rights, education, and more.

The People Restored PMC is more than just a membership; it’s a reflection of the way you’ve always lived your life. It can now connect you with multiple communities across the country that resonate with like-minded individuals, allowing you to continue this connection now and in the future.

You will love this community. Current members have even chosen to give the gift of TPR membership for Christmas – a present that keeps on giving!

Ready to dive in? You can get started right now.

Click this link to grab this fantastic deal for December: https://thepeoplerestored.com/join/ 

Have a few questions…

Join us this Wednesday night (Dec 13th) at 8 PM MST for a virtual 30-minute cottage meeting. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn more about PMC membership and our incredible $25/$25 December Promo.

If you like what you see, hop off the Zoom and click our link to join, it is that easy.

If you have questions, stick around and ask them during our 30-minute Q+A session.

Simply pre-register here: https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZAod-mrpjIsE9WU9-NjjklES-KwbZ3dS3nv

Don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your community experience and embrace a world of possibilities.

Feel free to forward this email to like-minded individuals.

See you on the inside of our TPR community, or Wednesday to learn more!