Who are we?

  • Citizens who mobilize to preserve the Great American System
  • Citizens who live according to principles of accountable Freedom and Faith
  • Citizens who protect the traditional family as the foundation of a healthy people

What do we do?

  • Build decentralized self-perpetuating communities
  • Provide protection and resources for our members
  • Mobilize people to meaningful action

What do we believe?

We believe that a shared culture is essential to a thriving people. Despite our differences, our nation was founded upon the shared values that:

  • Men should be free to exercise their conscience and pursue their future according to their work.
  • With freedom comes the responsibility to own the rewards and consequences of our decisions.
  • Men should be masculine and women should be feminine.
  • Strong traditional families raise healthy and responsible children who perpetuate good.
  • Even a free people must be invested in the success of their community in order to prosper.
  • Without adherence to the morality of God’s laws, a people descends into its own destruction.

We believe that our nation can be restored to a healthy and thriving people by returning to these principles. The only way to restore our people is ACTION. We are committed to taking coordinated action to restore our communities, provide protection and resources to the doers, and restore the power of governance to the governed.

We believe that grandstanding personalities and eloquent speeches do little to advance freedom and that only through individual action and personal ownership will our people be restored.

What are we Restoring?

  • Family
  • Self Reliance
  • Masculinity & Femininity
  • Responsibility
  • Education System
  • Children’s Innocence
  • The Constitution
  • The Economy
  • Medical Freedom
  • Parental Rights

Internal Culture

  • Family
  • Faith in God
  • Innocence of our children
  • Self Reliance
  • Responsibility
  • Medical Freedom

External Culture

  • Constitution
  • Local control
  • Education system
  • Voter integrity
  • Community
  • Economy

What are we Restoring?

This nation was founded on a dream that if men were free, they would excel and find happiness. That shared vision allowed America to thrive. While it harbored an incredibly diverse citizenry, it aimed to guarantee its people equal protection of their God-given rights. Those people who immigrated wave after wave over the centuries and succeeded in this land of opportunity did so by faith, embracing rugged individualism, and owning the responsibility to build a better future for their families. They bought into the American Dream.

Today that dream is under threat of annihilation. Our virtues are being replaced with a culture of decay. Equality of Rights is being bartered away for Equity of Outcome. Instead of prizing Industry, we feed Entitlement. The Divine has been cast aside for Nihilism. Even the Family, the building block of every successful nation, is being torn apart.

We seek to restore the American Dream. We will do this by acknowledging the authority and morality of a Divine Creator. We will restore the Family and its proper roles as the wellspring from which a strong People derive. We will restore our government to its proper bounds of the Constitution and to the role of guaranteeing our rights. We will restore Freedom with the rewards and consequences that entails.

How are we Restoring?

  • Through weekly gatherings, that are family-friendly and focused, and we work towards a common goal for the community the whole family can participate in
  • We provide a consistent place where you, your family, and friends can gather, where we can share, ideas and create solutions together
  • We connect you with other like-minded people in your community so you know you are not alone in your efforts and beliefs
  • We bring in experts to inform and educate on the issue affecting our communities
  • We work in small support groups to execute, be accountable, and mobilize

We do not just complain about what is happening in our nation and communities, we do something about it.