The People Restored Community members are people who love God, traditional families, and the freedoms and principles that founded the United States of America. We are families and businesses committed to restoring the prosperity and happiness that come from a virtuous society. We believe that in order to preserve and restore them we must live our lives, raise our families, and conduct our business according to timeless principles. We believe that God bestows his blessings upon virtuous communities.

Self-reliance & Health:

Prosperity starts at home by providing for the physical health and wellbeing of our families. We raise the right unadulterated foods and maintain good health. We don’t just prepare for a rainy day, but we engage in a lifestyle that maintains the knowledge, skill, and resources to provide for our families and produce abundance in our community.

We see natural rights as immutable and protect them in our community.

Sound Money & Commerce:

It takes an entire community to provide for the complex needs of its members. We build interdependence and commerce amongst each other. We ensure that we exchange resources with those who support our values. We regularly use alternative/local currencies to secure our resources and privacy.

Trust & Security:

Stability is ensured when a community engages in building trust through collaborative efforts and takes strong measures to protect itself. Trust is critical in our community. We interact with the highest integrity. We keep our word. We uphold the bond of family and agreement. We secure peace by being armed and capable of protecting our families, community, and property.

Morality & Freedom:

Community cannot exist where there aren’t shared values and principles to govern behavior. We live according to objective morality as bestowed upon us by the Divine hand. We uphold the traditional freedoms and the personal responsibilities that go with them. 

Community & Charity:

In-person benevolent relationships are essential to human life. We are a community that meets physically. We work together, eat together, socialize, and recreate together. We act to provide for the needs of our fellow members when in need and help them quickly return to the path of self-reliance.

Temperance & Posterity:

The willingness to delay gratification is a key ingredient to future prosperity. We foster temperance and discipline in our homes and businesses. We make the sacrifices necessary to build a better future for our children to inherit.