We protect member’s constitutional rights through private contract law.  Our members are protected while building economic and community solutions. 

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In order to be a legally protected community we have a membership agreement. This essentially contains the basic goals, values, + code of conduct that we agree to share as a community.



DUES:  The law requires that dues must be paid as a part of membership. The dues you pay in TPR go to creating the legal protections you will enjoy, creating community robustness, tool development, + other needed services.

PLEDGE:  As a community we share certain values. As our community expresses commitment to these values in our internal interactions, we strengthen our legal protection of these values. We hold our membership accountable to exemplifying these values to strengthen our legal protections + trust with each other.

REQUIREMENTS: This is our code of conduct. Similar to values, but more tangible + behavioral. Behavioral requirements provide some of the strongest legal protections as well as setting a common ground of expectation amongst members Once signed, your household/business becomes a member of the community + its protections. You will have access to the various aspects + services of the community.

Household Membership $500 initial enrollment fee and $150 annual renewal the following year (reg below)

    • Covers spouses + any minor children or dependents.
    • Annual renewal on anniversary of enrollment date.

Business Membership $750 initial enrollment fee and $500 annually renewal the following year (reg below)

    • Covers business + employees
    • Listing on Main Street Market
    • Professional network + job board
    • 1 household membership
    • Annual renewal happens on the anniversary of enrollment date.