Emergency Medical “Stop The Bleed” – Spanish Fork, Utah

Taught by Former Army Rangers & Current Firefighters

Breakdown: This course is designed to instill confidence life saving emergency medical skills in every student. We will focus on the basics of emergency medicine & how to keep the patient alive until they can receive more advanced medical care. There will be a classroom portion, hands on practice, then practical application in which students will be put in scenarios where they must diagnose the injury & take care of the patient before said patient bleeds out. This course is vital for anyone who carries a medical kit & wants to be prepared to save the life of a loved one, themselves, or an innocent bystander in the event of an emergency.


When you participate in a Tactical Cowboy Medical course, a local UT equipment provider Sophos Survival offers our students a 25% off discount on their medical gear. This includes any & all the tools we suggest you use.

Packing list: Pen, Paper, Medical kit (if you own one!)

The event is finished.


Jun 02 2023


All Day



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