The People Restored is a Private Membership Community protected under contract law. Our members protect their beliefs, principles, & god-given rights by building a self-reliant community and marketplace with like-minded families.


Membership covers you, your spouse, and your minor children.


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Connect with other families seeking to raise, educate, and care for their family’s health according to their beliefs.

Support high integrity businesses and professionals who share your values. Ensuring these businesses thrive, ensures perpetuation of your way of life.

Provide financial security in your home with employers who will not cancel you for your beliefs.

Protect your family’s values and rights under contract law.

Goldback allows you to build financial resilience by holding and exchanging for goods and services in the strongest historical commodity. By design it makes regular day to day transactions simple.


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Household $150 annually

     • Covers spouses & any dependents in your home.

     • $150 Renewal yearly on your enrollment anniversary date.

The People Restored is a private non-partisan community. While we share fundamental values that have become the object of political discourse, our community is not an activist organization. Our only political/legal engagement is to assert the rights of our community to operate in peace. Additionally, you decide to what extent you wish to broadcast your membership.

 You can pay the difference + upgrade to a business membership. Contact us to make that change to your account. 

Business memberships come with a household membership. If you need additional household memberships for a business partner with a separate household, you can add it on for $100. Contact us to make this change.