Becoming a member of the community doesn’t require radical changes to most of our members’ lives. Our members live by the values & standards in our Membership Agreement & build the key aspects of the community locally.
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We vote with our dollars. We engage in commerce with high-trust businesses, service providers, & agricultural producers found in our community. By choosing to do business with our fellow members first, we generate prosperity in the community which will build opportunity, ensure access to resources, & enable us to become more self-reliant as a community.

In addition to local member-to-member commerce, we also support our business members through our Membership Marketplace.

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It is important to us that we know & trust our fellow members. We socialize, share meals, go out on activities, provide service, & generally interact in-person wherever possible. Our children play together. By engaging in social activities we build culture & trust. Our culture is the restoration of the human need for personal connection with others.

We stay connected with our community at large through our private social channels.

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We seek to protect our community & way of life by every available legal means. We help each other when disasters affect us. We protect each other & our property from threats. We also engage in legal work to ensure the perpetuation & expansion of our community to preserve its way of life. We gather resources to protect & provide for our community.

PMC: Our membership provides us legal protections utilizing contract law backed by the U.S. Constitution, common law practices, & legal precedent. In addition to growing the community & marketplace, asserting the community’s rights through legal action is the primary focus of the community’s Executive Director.

TPR Foundation (501c3): The Foundation fights to protect the way of life enshrined in TPR’s membership agreement more aggressively & seeks to expand your rights to grow/eat the food of your choice, receive care according to your beliefs, run your business/org according to your values, raise your family according to your beliefs, protect yourself/others, & the preservation of your right to secure money/resources.


PHILLIP TAYLOR Executive Director of The People Restored

PART 1 What is a PMC with Q+A (15mins)


PART 2 Values + Requirements for Membership (9mins)