Our values focus on traditional morality, freedom, responsibility, and respect for God. Our requirements are built upon honesty, integrity, & self-reliance. By becoming a member you are committing to interacting within the community accordingly.


Our community operates according to a private membership agreement. Meaning that we protect ourselves under contract law.

In order to legally protect and empower our community we have to show what is intrinsic to our existence. WHAT makes us a community are these shared values and HOW we interact is dependent on these requirements.

American Exceptionalism

We believe that the United States of America through its pioneer spirit and reliance upon natural rights enshrined in its Constitution, is the most successful experiment in creating opportunity and happiness for its people in human history.

We see natural rights as immutable & protect them in our community.

Divine Law

We believe that there is a divine and benevolent Creator. This Creator provides insight for objective truth to mankind. We believe that comprehending and adhering to this objective truth is the path to happiness.

We live lives according to objective morality & we acknowledge our dependence on that Creator. We speak openly of faith.

Free Markets

We believe that voluntary exchange of resources, services, and ideas is essential to an enterprising and innovative society. We believe that the greatest security comes from protecting that freedom. As such we believe that restrictions, regulations, and taxation on markets should be minimized and removed where possible.

We exchange in voluntary commerce with one another. We work to ensure the products of our labor are above reproach to build a high-trust marketplace.


We believe that the traditional family, Father, Mother, Son, & Daughter, is the fountainhead from which community, commerce, & civilization spring. These are built by families who honor their ancestral heritage and are determined to build a future for their posterity.

Divinely designed, the stewardship of parenthood is immutable. The masculine protector/provider father, and the feminine nurturing mother are both essential to a happy successful family.

Our membership treats a family household as a unit. We build harmonious homes. We support parents in governing & raising their children.


We believe that dependence on centralized and fragile international supply chains puts the security of our resources in jeopardy. Excessive debt and pursuit of luxury weaken our ability to be independent and provide for a more secure future.

We as a community, as families, & as businesses pursue a self-reliant lifestyle to combat the growing uncertainty in our world. We support & participate in member resource development & food production.


We believe that peace is maintained when the members of a community take it upon themselves to maintain tranquility. We also believe that the authority to govern is derived from the consent of the governed. In order to maintain their security & their freedom, households & businesses must maintain the capabilities & tools they deem necessary to protect themselves, their property, their families, & their communities.

We maintain the training & tools necessary to protect the peace & respond to emergencies.


“Blessed are the peacemakers… We believe that fomenting antagonistic contention only fans the flames of hatred & suffering. That said, we believe that virtue & our families are worth defending. Being a peacemaker does not mean submitting to evil.

We are a peaceful people. When we are in a disagreement or confrontation we utilize methods that are conciliatory. We are not vengeful or retaliatory.

Good Samaritan

We believe that good deeds are integral to a thriving community. Personal ownership in one’s community to cultivate it & help its members is as beneficial to the member as it is to their community.

We act for the benefit of others. We build to benefit future generations. We are charitable.