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The People Restored is a Private Membership Community. As members we enter into a mutual private contract to adhere to certain values and behaviors found in our membership agreement. Essentially we are a people of integrity, morality, and faith who love the ideas and freedoms this nation was founded to protect and we wish to restore them. As a community we promote self-reliance, self-defense, personal health, physical gathering, and economic interdependence.


“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” – John Adams

The rise of America, the Great Experiment, can be attributed to a few key ingredients: its people were “moral and religious”, they chose liberty & the responsibility of self-governance, & they worked industriously towards a shared vision of a brighter future for their posterity. Because of these choices, the Divine hand blessed our people with peace & prosperity. Is it any surprise that America’s decline has corresponded with our general abandonment of this recipe? 

The People Restored is a community dedicated to building the future based on those ingredients. We empower each other to develop the necessary characteristics in our homes. We collaborate locally & network nationally with other members to build a culture of integrity & faith. We are industrious together to ensure we have the resources, services, & prosperity necessary to build our shared vision. 

Our members work to ensure we can

  • Provide healthy & unadulterated food
  • Raise our children according to our values
  • Deal with like-minded companies
  • Use alternative currencies
  • Protect ourselves & each other from harm

Membership provides shared legal protections that empower our community to build their vision with the framework, resources, & personnel to take any legal actions necessary to secure & protect our way of life.