America Reborn
Integrity, Trust, Commerce
What if there was a way to have…

  • A community of virtuous families
  • Healthy & plentiful food
  • Trustworthy neighbors
  • Honest & prosperous businesses
  • Safe & reliable communities

The People Restored is a nationwide network of families & businesses building a protected economy & community based upon the timeless principles of faith, family, & freedom. By joining our Private Membership Community you commit to build a future based upon high-trust relationships & reciprocal prosperity. 

We are committed to protecting our vision & our members. We have built-in legal protections, with the resources and preparation to ensure our future. If you are tired of fighting against a world you don’t want, then come build the world you do. Join The People Restored.

What is The People Restored PMC? (Private Membership Community)

Q & A with Phil Taylor and Helen Robson

We gather together as a community regularly to build trust and connections. Knowing who we can count on and who lives by us. We have households and businesses across the nation from all different backgrounds, incomes, professions, cities to rural America, yet we all share the same values that connect, unite, and make us stronger.