The People Restored is a private marketplace legally protected under contract law. Our businesses protect their values and their methods, all while building a loyal customer base of like-minded people.


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Businesses in our community are able to transact with customers according to their values freely. They build economic independence from cancel-culture.

Avoid HR nightmares by employing high-integrity people who share your values. Associate with other honest entrepreneurs to build success.

Protect your business’ rights and operation methods through private contract law.

Share your product/services with members dedicated to supporting businesses who share their values.

Drive traffic business and website with our membership storefront to put key opportunities in front of members.

Build resilience against inflation by joining over 700 businesses that accept other alternative currencies such Goldback as a legal tender instrument.


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 Business setup fee is $750, and $500 annual renewal fee

     • Covers business

     • Listing on Main Street Market

     • Professional network & job board

     • Renews yearly on your enrollment anniversary date

Every industry faces unique challenges and threats to practice according to their beliefs. All members must agree to our code of conduct. Violating this puts them in breach of contract law and allows us to strategically protect our values and methods.

  • Membership does not preclude you from maintaining a relationship with the public, it simply allows you to also participate in our private marketplace.
  • Absolutely. We understand that every business has vendors, employees, etc… that must be paid. Thus each business member decides for themselves to what extent they participate in alternative currencies.

The People Restored is a private non-partisan community. While we share fundamental values that have become the object of political discourse, our community is not an activist organization. Our only political/legal engagement is to assert the rights of our community to operate in peace. Additionally, you decide to what extent you wish to broadcast your membership.

Business memberships include a household membership. If you have a business partner with a separate household you can add an additional household membership for $150. Contact us for the discount code.